Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Belleville Pond 10K Week! Week of 2-3 to 2-9

Looking forward to this race, as it looks like the phrase "Snowy Sufferfest" might get thrown out there again to describe a winter trail series race.  Snow today, snow Wednesday, and another storm scheduled for sometime this weekend...hmmm, should be a seriously interesting week for running, but I'm still not gonna use the treadmill!  Not a chance!

Monday, 2-3 - 0 Miles

Tuesday, 2-4 - 4 Miles (Roads) - Snowy streets of Mystic, CT. - Nice day, sun was out, and I almost went for a trail run, but switched it up at the last minute.  Very picturesque in Mystic with all the snow, and I almost wished I'd brought a camera along...

Wednesday, 2-5 - 0 Miles.  Shoveled the driveway, and shouldn't that be enough?

Thursday, 2-6 - 4 Miles (Trails/Beach) - Rocky Neck State Park, CT.  Had to drop off a family member for an appointment, and realized I'd have a fair amount of wait time.  Thankfully, I thought ahead and packed my running gear!  Except my running shoes???  Dammit!  So I drove to the nearest Target and dropped twenty bucks on a crappy pair of running shoes, which turned to be not so crappy, and used my park finder app to locate the nearest trails, which turned out to be at Rocky Neck State Park.  Nice, hilly trails, and about 10" of snow with a nice crust on top to break through.  There were snowshoe tracks on some of the trails, which made for easier going, but it was a slog.  Good training for Sunday!  Finished up in the woods, and ran the short section of beach they had there.  Gorgeous day, 25 degrees and light winds, sun shining...

Nice trails!

Fogged-up view of the Sound

Short beach run to finish up!

Friday, 2-7 - 5 Miles (Roads/Beach) - Misquamicut beach run with Gazelle.  Met up and set out toward the beach, which, although it was at high tide, made for a nice break from the roads.  Slogged through the State Beach parking lot (unplowed), then cruised back on the roads.  Good run, conversational pace (Mid-8's is chatting pace now?  Just occurred to me how far removed that is from a few years ago...), and a perfect running day - Sunny skies, 30-ish degrees, light breeze?  I've run on the beach two days in a row, in February, and couldn't be more pleased about it.  Love living here!  Jeff and I, notably, were also the only souls on the beach as far as we could winter!

Looking at my map, you can tell the GPS went a bit haywire, or is trying to suggest that I'm doing sort of freakish TRI training (I'm really not, I swear!):

Saturday, 2-8 - 2.3 Miles (Road) - Short post-lunch shakeout run, Mystic.  My daughter had a birthday party to go to in Mystic, so after I dropped her off, Lori and I met for lunch at the new restaurant The Engine Room.  I'd been anxious to check it out, since it's owned by the same dudes who own The Oyster Club, which is our favorite "Special Occasion" place to go to.  The food, as well as the atmosphere, was awesome.  Pretty decent beer menu as well - nothing along the lines of The Malted Barley or The Mews Tavern, but pretty substantial nonetheless.  We ended up having a couple of apps and splitting the French Onion burger, which was damn good, probably because they're using locally sourced meat, like they do at their other restaurant.  Delicious.  I had a few errands to do in town before Soph's party was over, and still had some time to kill, so a short pre-Belleville shakeout run through Mystic was the call.  I did some segment research on Mystic, there are a fair amount of segments down there, and I have the ability to snag any of them if I'm fast enough...

Sunday, 2-9 - 6.2 Miles (Trail) + 1.2 Miles (Road) - Belleville Pond 10K Beat Down trail race + Cooldown run, North Kingstown, RI.  Another snowy sufferfest?  Sure!  This was by far the most challenging race I think any of us have had in a long time, and I loved every minute of it.  Nice day, upper 20s, lots of snow on the ground, and the toughest 10K I've ever done?  99 runners at the race, I went out at a pretty easy pace, and gradually increased the pace as I got more comfortable in the conditions.  Had to use Yaktrax  - I don't know how the people without extra traction were able to make it up some of the hills out there!  Found myself slowly reeling in some other runners, and came in at a respectable 1:06, good for 37th place overall.  After a short group cooldown run with some of the crew, the awards were presented, including the team award, which we won.  Race director Mike Galoob, who puts on a great race, was able to acquire a LOT of beer for awards, and I even ended up walking away with some!  Great race, excellent team turnout, and I'm looking forward to the next one!!!

Out of the woods, crossing the finish - photo by Jana Walker!


  1. I've run Rocky Neck with Don and for a race, it is beautiful. Thanks for the tease!

  2. The trails (if they were, I was following tracks and most were unmarked) were very cool, and I ascended to a great overlook of the Sound, then dropped to the pavilion. I ran the beach, it was a good day!