Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Super 5K Week! Week of 1-27 to 2-2

Here we go!  One of my favorite races of the year, the Narragansett Super 5K.  Cold, flat, fast course along the ocean, and if the conditions are right, total PR course.  As a team, we won last year and received beer for our efforts, and I won a beer/rum tasting tour at Newport Storm brewery in what might be the best raffle prize giveaway of the year for races.  My previous times are as follows:

2010  179  34/50  72 Crutchley Michael     N Stonington    CT 39 M   25:57  8:22
2011  190  36/51  46 CRUTCHLEY MICHAEL     N STONINGTON    CT 40 M   26:57  8:41
2012  171  41/51  48 Crutchley Michael     N Stonington    CT 41 M   25:12  8:07
2013  76  15/37   29 Crutchley Michael     N Stonington    CT 42 M   22:03  7:06
Needless to say, I'm shooting for a PR, if not at this race, then overall...on "Any Given Sunday..."  I think I have a good shot at doing much better if the elements cooperate.  We'll see!  My target time is 20:00.  Ambitious, but totally possible...
Monday, 1-27 - 0 Miles, 1 hour karate class...

Tuesday, 1-28 - 3.8 Miles (Trails) - Westerly Town Forest.  Chilly and icy, and Yaks required.  Never been to this property before, and it's less than 10 minutes from the house.  Awesome...I know I missed a couple of side trails, and doubled up on the yellow trail, but I'll get to know this place soon!

Wednesday, 1-29 - 3.8 Miles (Trails) - Champlin Glacier Park, Westerly.  Last night we got 1-2 inches of fresh powder, so with bright sunshine, 20 degree temps and a brisk breeze, I opted to hit Champlin again.  The main trail had some footprints, but the red, yellow, and parts of the others were untouched.  I even branched off briefly onto some unmarked trails, I was having so much fun...beautiful day out there!

My tracks - I hiked back out after the run to take these shots :)

UPDATE:  Bob Jackman threw out a ridiculous discount for both the Run With the Beavers race, and the 6-Hour Ultra, and I was in the right place at the right time, and able to register for both races at 50% off.  So officially, I'm in and registered for every Better Pace race of 2014!

Thursday, 1-30 - 3.5 Miles (Trails) - Unmarked Hopeville Pond trails to Nehantic Trail out/back.
 More untracked snowy trail.  Decided that since Jim doesn't have any Yaktraks, I'd take him up to Hopeville Pond, and do a section of the Nehantic Trail that's scenic and rolling, but not especially technical single track.  10 degrees when we started, and a balmy 15 degrees when we were done.  Brilliant sunshine and no wind make it not feel too cold, though.  Good way to kick off the day, although I was feeling like getting more miles in on this one...

Friday, 1-31 - 4 Miles (Roads) - Westerly roads.  Was thinking about hitting the track, but decided instead to stick to the streets...8 minute pace, steady and relaxed...

Saturday, 2-1 - 7.7 Miles (Roads) - Local Loop, easy pace.  Beautiful day, 40 degrees, light winds.  I was supposed to head down to Burlingame to meet BLS, but plans got altered, and my window of time got shrunk.  Dammit.  Headed out from the house and decided on a relaxed run, in advance of tomorrow's race.  Got some miles in, enjoyed the scenery, and there a bunch of people ice fishing on a pond up the road from me, which was pretty cool to see.  Good day.

Sunday, 2-2 - 6.5 Miles (Roads) - Warmup, cooldown, and 10th Annual Narragansett Super 5K, RI.  One of my favorites.  I felt pretty good before the race, and Jim and I ran a warmup to scope out the "hill," which isn't really much of a hill at all.  Back to the start with a few minutes to spare, and I was looking for a place to ditch my hat when the race abruptly started!  Off we go, and I'm up on the sidewalk for the first few hundred yards, scooting around people where I can.  I can see Steve Schonning up ahead of me, and I'd made the comment recently about spending another three miles staring at the back of his singlet.  I was able to slowly reel him in, and cheer on my WTAC teammates who'd already made the turn.  By the turn I knew I had no chance of making a sub-20 run at this point, but I finished strong with a 6:35 final mile, and crossed the line officially at 21:35, good for 55th place.

After a large WTAC group cooldown, we feasted on the pasta and salad buffet, and waited for results.  We ended up taking the men's and women's team titles, and our runners were #2,3,4,6,7,8, and so on.  Great races run by all!  Thankfully the weather was as good as I've seen it for this race, and the Narragansett Running Association puts on a Hell of a race.  I've done this race 5 times now, and it's on my short list of must-runs.  Proud of my team, it was a fun day and strong performance!!!


  1. Tuesday WTF run - it looks like you missed one of my favorite trails. You'd know if you were on it, as it's sharp downhill, crosses on raised wooden boardwalks, and ends right on the banks of the Pawcatuck River.

  2. Yeah, I definitely need to do some more exploring in there...and that sounds like a pretty cool section I missed!

  3. Sounds like a great race! Good job! I haven't been to the WTF in years and I have to get out to Champlin. Come on earth tilt so there are more daylight hours!!! And yeah, thanks for ditching me, phttt...