Monday, January 13, 2014

No planned races! Week of 1-13 to 1-19

Monday, 1-13 - 0 Miles, but SURF!  I was hoping there'd still be some surf left after yesterday's epicness, and I was right!  The wind died down, the swell was smaller but still waist+, and chest to head high on the sets, and super clean and uncrowded.  I went straight to Conant Avenue near Point Judith, where it was clean and only three guys out.  I decided to wear my Garmin for kicks, and it recorded pretty well for a bit, until i went to check the time and couldn't work the buttons.  With the amount of rubber I was wearing, it was like trying to type a letter while wearing oven mitts...

I just couldn't do it...

Cool, though, in that it accurately recorded my effort until I shut it off!  And although "Some People" can be haters and suggest that surfing doesn't qualify as an activity on Strava (really???), anyone who's ever surfed or tried to knows that is simply untrue.  And with 6 millimeters of rubber on, it's a workout.  Go hate winter, sucka, as long as the Sun comes out and I have layers, it's an Endless Summer up in here!!!

Glassy, uncrowded and warm for January...

Tuesday, 1-14 - 0 Miles

Wednesday, 1-15 - 3.5 Miles (Road/Track?) - Short spin around Westerly.  After karate class this morning, I decided to take a short run in Westerly to try out my new road shoes, the New Balance Minimus 3090v3 shoes pictured below.  My 8th consecutive pair of NB shoes, love 'em.  Cruising around, I was passing the high school and noticed that the gate to the track was open, so I decided to try my luck at some 200m runs, with 200m recoveries in between...results below.  I have to say I felt pretty good running them, and I'm actually looking forward to doing this again...I might even try to make it a weekly thing after karate class, as my dojo is only two blocks away, and incorporating some 400/800m efforts in as well.

New road shoes!!!

Thursday, 1-16 - 4+ Miles (Trails/Roads) - Babcock Ridge Preserve to Henne Preserve, roads to finish, North Stonington.  So the Avalonia folks acquired a nice little piece of property called Babcock Ridge, between two other preserves they own, and plan to build trails through it.  I decided to take a look.  It looks like, from the occasional streamer hanging from tree branches, that it's to be a loop, with another spur heading over to the third property.  Options for 4-5 miles in there once it's done.  After Babcock Ridge I crossed the street into the Henne Preserve, a nicely marked trail that runs along the Shunock River and ends at a road, which I used to loop back to the truck.  Good fun.

How we rollin' in NoSto...

Friday, 1-17 - 4+ Miles (Trails) - Lantern Hill beatdown with Jim.  So Jim says he wants 4+ miles on trails, and I figured I'd give it to him, but with some hills!  Green loop, Red loop, and a double up and down on the hill with some exploring on unmarked side trails before finishing up on the short downhill road section back to the truck.  I felt really comfortable today, loose and not breathing heavy on the steeper parts.  Looking to crush my segment time on the next go around...

Sunny day atop Lantern Hill

Jim cursing my name...

More Jim cursing my name...

Saturday, 1-18 - 3.6 Miles (Trails) - Short Champlin jaunt.  I figured I'd go short today, and long on Sunday since it looked to be the better of the two days in the forecast.  Honest effort but not pushing too hard, kept it sub 10 average on the Champlin trails, which are pretty mellow but have their technical and hilly areas.  I still keep missing the segment that's in there - I turn in one place and screw it up every time...

Sunday, 1-19 - 13.2 Miles (Roads) - Local journey around my 'hood, North Stonington.  Brisk breeze, temps near 40?  Sun felt great, shade did not.  I kept an easy, comfortable pace, mid 9's, and was finishing up at the house with 12 miles and decided to run up Fowler to check off a half marathon for the month, and the Strava challenge.  Done, and done!


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  2. who was that rant about :)
    Surfing is a pleasure sport - like golfing - i know its a workout to get out to the waves but than you rest and wait
    Cool that you had the space watch - next time give it to one of the sharks and we can track it going up the east coast

  3. Cool Strava tracking over the water!
    Although I'm not a surfer, with the sun out on a cold day or even snowing, I'm very happy to get out for a run in the dead of winter, so I'm totally with you on your last sentence.

  4. This summer I really want to try surfing! I love open water swimming and being in the ocean, but am kind of terrified of falling off a surfboard and getting sucked under - but it seems like a really fun and strenuous activity, so I'm intrigued by the challenge aspect. Kudos on surfing in the winter though, I see people surfing around here all the time, and it just makes me so cold!

    I can understand why Strava doesn't count surfing - how else can you compare yourself to other surfers if you can't really create segments and rank your best times?

    Nice shoes! Green is a fun color.

    1. Let me know about surfing! I have lots of boards, and don't worry about falling, it's part of the fun :)

      I sent Strava a request to add it as an activity, they have every other watersport but surfing listed?

      Green is my favorite. I've been changing it up every pair, but these ones are nice and bright, and even more comfortable than my previous pairs!