Tuesday, September 16, 2014

4th Annual Surftown Half Marathon

I was stoked to run this race, as I'd taken a month off from racing and just had fun, mostly on trails, in the company of many, many spiders, and played on numerous hills.  I'd even ventured onto the roads and played segment games, chasing some fast times on local hills.  But now it was race day...hmmm, what to expect?  Picked up my race packet on Saturday afternoon, and had my bag packed and ready to go.

I got up at 5, fumbled for my gear in the dark and trying not to wake my household.  Tripped over everything.  Feeding the cats, dog, fish, walking said dog, showering, getting dressed and all the other damn stuff took way too much time, but I was able to leave on time at 6 for a 7:30 race start.

Getting into Misquamicut, I scrapped my original parking plan and parked at Westerly Town Beach.  Perfect move!  Saw Mike B. coming in, and Jeff and Matthew running by on a warmup.  When a Westerly Town Public Works guy pulled in, I was double-thinking my decision, but it ended up being all good.  Nobody got towed.

Ran a chilly 2-ish mile warmup (temp: 48 breezy degrees) with Jeff, Matthew and Shara, and had a cool time chatting, getting pumped, and taking in everything.  It's really a spectacle there, especially amid the backdrop of the beach, and the Fall Festival rides, midway, and tons of people getting excited for the race.  The start?  A jumble of every runner of every ability, and a total bottleneck across the start line.  They might want to start utilizing corrals next year.  Gun goes off, and after a shuffle, walk, amble, we're running.

I felt good, right off the bat.  I was wearing a long sleeved tech shirt over my singlet, and it felt like the right move.  Saw Jana at the start and gave her a wave.  Saw Steve and FiveK at mile 2/4, they said I looked strong.  I had my handheld filled, and had packed one GU, and the plan was to skip the aid stations from miles 1-6, drain the fluid in the handheld up to there and eat the GU at mile 6 (my truck), then ditch it and rely on aid stations for the remainder.  Worked awesome!  At mile 7, taking pictures and cheering us on, was Beth!  I slowed down, gave her a quick hug and moved along.

So maybe I lost a few seconds high-fiving all the kids with their hands out, but it's fun!  It was great to see so many friends out on the course cheering on the runners, and I loved the enthusiasm of the HMF crew.  Saw John H. and Buddy G. at mile 11, and Buddy yelled something like "Get moving!"

Headed toward the finish line.  Photo by Beth!

I was able to get across the line in 1:46:05, good for 254th place out of 1655 runners.  Not a PR, but at a 16th consecutive day of running, it was still my 3rd best HM, and I felt really comfortable out on the course, very relaxed, and I never struggled.  My splits were really consistent, and I might have been able to push the pace more, but it was a really enjoyable day.  I was able to catch up to fellow WTAC'er Lynne in the last quarter mile and cross the line with her, and just a few seconds behind Don Weller.  Got caught up with the crew, including a lightning fast Gazelle, who came across the line in 1:20 for 3rd overall at the tender young age of 50 (which is really the new 30)!  PR's for Faith, Joe, Matthew, Jeff, and several others.  Did a "cooldown" run back to the truck a mile away, with the intention of changing up and heading back to grab a beer and some chowder, but I was chilled to the bone and the nice warm truck was too much to resist...

WTAC riff-raff - photo by Jana!

Picked up some fresh bling, too!

Surftown finisher medal #4, shiny!

Next stop?  Road trip to the Pisgah Mountain Trail Race this weekend.  Should be awesome!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Surftown 1/2 Marathon Week! Week of 9-8 to 9-14

And so begins a super fun stretch of races for me.  I did one race in July (RWB) and one in August (R4K), purposely skipping some races and while I was running, I wasn't racing.  That ends this week, as I'm continuing my Surftown streak.  My first Half Marathon ever in 2011, and I've run it every year.  Results below:

2011:  2:12 - #586 of 818

2012:  1:56 - #496 of 1261

2013:  1:43 - #193 of 1614

So I have my work cut out for me if I'm going to see some improvement this year.  My basic goal is to shoot for sub-1:40, which means a 7:38 pace or better...I checked my mileage leading up to last year's race and I'm well above where I was.

Monday, 9-8 - 5 Miles (Trail/some Road) - Wheeler XC Trails and neighborhood roads, NoSto.  An hour of karate this morning, and this afternoon?  Soph's first soccer practice of the year!  I know the coaches and most of the kids, so they know that I run the cross country trails during practice.  Pretty cool getting shout outs on a run.  I started on the trails and meandered onto the streets next to the school, and finished up with a solid effort on the "Wheeler XC Straightaway" trail, 2/10 mile in 1:10, and a 200M on the overgrown gravel "track" in 36.  Next stop?  Two segments a bit over a mile from the school...

Tuesday, 9-9 - 3 Miles (Road) - Mystic Roads.  Had some things to do in Mystic, so I decided to do a short run there.  I remember there being a segment called "Barfing Mystic Pizza," which is the best title for a segment I've ever heard of.  If you know of one better, please let me know!!!  On paper it looked like the segment went from just before MP, and ended at High Street.  Did it in 29 seconds, then looped around and did it in 30, or so I thought...no dice.  I was running at a mid-5 pace up the hill, and slowed too soon.  Soooo...I'll have to hit it again!

Wednesday, 9-10 - 5 Miles (Road/Beach) - Misquamicut run to the beach.  Great day.  I was on my way down to Misquamicut to clear the beach gear out of our storage locker, when Jeff texted me about going for a beach run.  Perfect!  Nice day at the beach, breezy and uncrowded, Mike B. would have loved it!

Thursday, 9-11 - 4-ish Miles (Road) - Mystic segment hunt.  Segment Wars!  Game on!  I went to Mystic to take another stab at the "Barfing Mystic Pizza" segment, and a segment entitled "Mystically Painful."  Got them both.  Tied the BMP segment, which gave me the CR (Strava?  Ruling?), and owned the other segment outright.  One of the fast Mystic dudes, Mathew R., went back out and snagged two back from me a few hours later.  Good fun, and I'll see if I can hang with his times (probably not though)!

Friday, 9-12 - 3 Miles (Beach) - Charlie Stavros race, serving as conemaster and split caller-outer with BLS.  Showed up and helped unload some things, and wasn't planning on racing, as I'm running Surftown on Sunday.  Beth came down on her bike, and decided to run with me down to the jetty to drop the turnaround cone.  Squinting into the Sun, it looked like the runners started promptly at 6, and I started my stopwatch.  Just like last year, it was super fun seeing all the runners approach, get to cheer them on and call out their splits.  Great turnout, and Beth took pictures while I timed the race.  After the last runner made the turn, we waited for a few minutes and then ran back to the start.  Great night for a beach run!

Saturday, 9-13 - 2 Miles (Trail/Road) - Dog Jog with Henry.  Love my dog.  He flips out when I say "Dog Jog!" to him.  Cruised out the door with Henry and ran trails across the street, then a bit of road down to the creek so he could swim for a bit.  Got home, dropped off the dog and headed to Westerly for Surftown packet pickup.  Passed Mike B. on the road, and ran into Faith and Joe, who were volunteering at pickup, and Paul, Don and Suzan, Jeff and Matthew, etc. and got to chat about Sunday's race for a bit.  I initially wasn't too keen on the shirt, but it's pretty cool:

Here we go (again)!

I'm going to do the same thing I did last year, to beat the traffic.  Come in the back way through Weekapaug, park at Seaside, and jog the 2 miles to the race start as a warmup.  It totally worked last year.  Mystic segment update:  Mathew R. has reclaimed pretty much every segment in the last couple days.  I'll take some shots at those on Tuesday, as the race is tomorrow, I'm working Monday, and I'll need to chill out a bit before Pisgah next weekend...

Sunday, 9-14 - 16 Miles (Road) - 4th Annual Surftown Half Marathon Warmup, Race and Cooldown. See separate post!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Weekly Log 9-1 to 9-7: Damn, it's hot out!

Going to have to up my mileage this week, in spite of the heat and humidity...

Monday, 9-1 (Labor Day) - 4.4 Miles (Trail) - Arcadia loop near Beach Pond, Exeter, RI.  Hot and humid, and downright tropical, in my opinion...Tons of people enjoying the warm waters of the lake, but I wilted like a french fry under a heat lamp.  Even the spiders took a day off though, which I did appreciate.  I felt soggy and heavy from the get-go, and my plans for a longer loop contracted down to the trails I did, which were a good mix of hilly, technical single-track and coarse rocky service roads.  I'm looking forward to Fall, and some cooler running weather...

This way! --->

Tuesday, 9-2 - 3 Miles (Trail) - Lower Lantern Hill Trails.  Holy crap it was hot out today.  I ran a slew of errands today, and only wore a shirt when I had to go into a store.  I think this also might be the first time I ever went to Lantern and didn't go to the top.  Pretty sure the heat index was near or above 100 degrees, but I was able to grind out a few pretty good uphill/downhill efforts on the lower section, sweat my ass off, and call it quits at 3 miles.  Arrived home to find these waiting for me!

NB Fresh Foam 980 Trail

Looking forward to getting some dirt on these, and taking a break from minimal, zero drop shoes for a bit.  Can't wait to see how these feel...Much less pronounced lugs than the Zero V2's I've been wearing, but definitely more cushion and protection.  With the Fall race schedule I'm attempting (see column on right!), I'm gonna need it...

And after collecting the kids off the bus for a cooldown in my S-I-L's pool, time for one of these:

LT IPA in a frosty RI Triple Crown pint glass?  On a hot day?  Sold!!!

Wednesday, 9-3 - 6.5 Miles (Trail) - Grills Preserve w/Gazelle.  Started on the Bradford side, and made our way to the "also cool, but not as well marked" Ashaway side.  Oddly, there are a number of clearly defined trails there that are unmarked, and/or abruptly end.  Added some distance and had fun, and the "Bridge to Bridge" section is definitely my favorite part of Grills.  Warm today, but not nearly as humid as yesterday...

Fresh Foam 980 Trail review:  Okay, so here goes.  I'm an 8.5 shoe, but in NB running shoes I'm a 9.  These, I might be a 9.5?  So a bit snug?  I liked the extra cushioning, I have to admit.  I've done zero-drop, minimal cushion shoes for two years, so this was like a vacation for my feet.  They also felt more stable and secure on my feet than the Zero V2 Trail.  I put 400 miles on those and they were grippy as Hell (never slipped once).  These shoes are comfortable, yet not quite grabbing the trail like my previous pair, so I could definitely feel the difference between the two.  I'm impressed, yet felt like a trail runner in road shoes.  Mesh the FF 980 with the Zero V2, and we're in business!  I'll be alternating from here out with my trail shoes depending on terrain...

Thursday, 9-4 - 5.3 Miles (Road) - Mystic segment hunting in the heat. - So this guy named Dirk has taken a couple of my course records, so I decided to hit up Mystic and return the favor.  I was also going for another segment (Island View), but apparently I turned around 50 yards too soon and wouldn't have gotten it anyway.  Hot and hilly, and while I didn't score the uphill segments, I did take both downhills...and by a fair amount :)

Friday, 9-5 - 9.2 Miles (Trail) - Arcadia Management Area, Exeter, RI with Gazelle.  So Jeff has a bit of extra time on his hands at the moment, and is at 60+ miles for the week???  Holy crap.  I'd suggested an Arcadia trail run and we made the 20 minute drive from my place.  Did the Frosty Hollow, Breakheart Pond, Penny Hill loop, and it warmed up rather quickly and got uncomfortably humid.  Summer is NOT over.  At mile 8-ish, we crossed over Breakheart Brook, and noticed a swimming hole on one side of the bridge.  Jumped right in.  Crystal clear and cool, and made the home stretch much easier.  Ice cold Powerade and water at the truck?  Awesome...

Breakheart Trail

No Floo Powder, no trip to Diagon Alley!

Silence of the Lambs?

Accidental picture, but looks like the Blair Witch Project to me...

New late run cool off spot in Arcadia!

Saturday, 9-6 - 3 Miles (Trail) - Dump Run, aka Lantern Hill.  It's HOT and MUGGY today, and I knew I wanted to throw down some miles this weekend.  Looks like Sunday is the day for that, as the weather today was oppressive.  I figured to hit Lantern after a dump run (transfer station), and take a stab at my TTB segment.  Looped the lower trail, and slogged to the top, soaked and feeling the heavy air.  I let my HR settle down and then bombed the downhill, startling several hikers and not sure if I beat it...but I did (at 3:43), and got it by 13 seconds...pretty stoked about it too!  

I also created a new segment for the first part of the 'Gansett trail, 70' at 12% in 1/10 mile, Jonny and Muddy have the CR (probably on a training run) but I'm 10 seconds behind.  Called it quits today at 3 miles, and could not stop sweating for like 20 minutes...crazy humid...hopefully the front comes through tonight and cools things off...

Sunday, 9-7 - 6 Miles (Road) - Local loop from the house.  Started to cool down, so I hit the road to close out the week.  Nice day!  Much less humid than yesterday.  Although I'd attended a birthday brunch for my nephew and gorged myself on Belgian waffles, scrambled eggs, bacon, etc., I decided to take a stab at a segment, which backfired when I hit the pause button on my watch instead of the lap button.  I realized my mistake at the top of the hill, of course...but overall, a good steady run, on the easy side but consistent.  Cooler weather ahead, can't wait...

Good mileage week for me, and a 9th straight day of running.  This, oddly, is also my highest mileage week since the week of the RI 6 Hour Ultra last November???  Good numbers and I felt really good this week in spite of the warm weather...going into next weekend's Surftown HM, that's pretty cool!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Back to School Week! Slacker Blog, Week of 8-25 to 8-31

No.Scheduled.Races.  I still have nothing scheduled for another two weeks, and I need to do some work if I'm gonna beat my 1:43 from Surftown last year.  Thinking sub-1:40 for an "A" goal?  Weather permitting, I'd also like to destroy my Nipmuck time of 5:45 with a sub-5:00 or better (It dumped rain last year!)...I also need to run a sub-6 mile soon, one of my 2014 goals...

Monday, 8-25 - Thursday, 8-28 - 0 Miles.  The kids went back to school this week, and I stayed busy with them, had a construction gig midweek, took care of some things around the house, and got ready for Lori's birthday.  Stacked a ton of firewood as well.

Friday, 8-29 - Waves!  Finally hit the water with my nephews, and surfed for a few hours at the "K", which the Stormrider Guide lists as the longest left on the east coast.  I've been surfing there for 20 years, and it's not a secret spot anymore, but today I caught it waist-chest high, and with only a handful of people out.  Warm water, good crowd, and a lot of fun!

Saturday, 8-30 - 12-ish Miles (Road/Trail mix) - 3 separate outings:

     #1:  Dog Jog with Henry, 2.4 Miles.  We did a bit more than usual and ventured onto more unmarked trails at the top of the road;

     #2:  Lake of Isles/Lantern Hill run, 6.4 Miles.  I found a couple of hill segments at the LOI section of Foxwoods, where their golf course is, so I decided to give one of them a shot.  Started at Lantern and ran through Foxwoods, and up the big hill toward the clubhouse.  Ended up scoring the segment by 11 seconds.  Made my way back to, and up to the top of Lantern Hill, and took a run at my "Top to Bottom" segment, which has had a couple of other dudes try it in the last week.  Tied my best effort at a 3:56.

     #3:  Family Hike at Bluff Point, 3 Miles.  I got Lori an UP24 by Jawbone for her birthday.  It's one of those bracelet things that records all your daytime steps, etc...then at night records your sleep patterns and stuff.  All the data transfers via Bluetooth to her phone app.  She loves it!!!  She set a 10,000 step daily goal, and totally hit it yesterday.  Tons of people at Bluff, we brought Henry and he loved being able to meet other dogs and jump in the water.  Great day!

Sunday, 8-31 - a.m. - 2.4 Miles (Trail/Road) - Arcadia trails with Jim and Nate.  Jim's son Nate is another one of the black belt candidates, and asked if he could come along on a trail run, his first ever.  Took them to the Beach Pond area, as it's not very technical, and I could make the run longer or shorter as needed.  Ended up being 2.4.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Training Week of 8-18 to 8-24 (Life sometimes gets in the way)

Monday, 8-18 - 0 Miles.

Tuesday, 8-19 - 4 Miles.  (Trail/Road) - 2+ Miles on Unnamed/Partially marked Avalonia Land Trust property near Lake of Isles, and 2 mile dog jog up the street and back.  I know there are more trails out there, as there used to be a scout camp somewhere up there years ago...

Wednesday-Thursday - 0 Miles, working 12-hour construction days and taking care of sick wife who got diagnosed with Lyme Disease.  Sonofabitch...I sure as Hell expected it to be me, if anyone, who got bit by a tick and subjected to that.  Fortunately, she caught it wicked early, and got on the meds right away...

Friday - 0 Miles, back to school shopping with Lori and Soph.  Wife doing much better!  I.Hate.Shopping.  The evidence for this would be my collection of awesome race shirts, and ratty jeans/shorts/hoodies, which pretty much sums up my wardrobe...

Saturday, 8-23 - 6+ Miles (Trail) - Tippecansett/Deep Pond trail loop.   I start At the Roscoe Dexter Management Area for kicks, and also because I wanted to see if the white-blazed trail there connects to the Tippecansett Trail (It does).  I make the connection, and loop around to Beach Pond, crossing the road and noting the large number of people enjoying the beach area.  Continue onto the Tippecansett Trail, until I found the white blazes again.  Good 4-mile loop, good parking, and great scenery...

Ferns!  They're everywhere out here!

Deep Pond trail, mostly spider-free :)

Sunday, 8-24 - 7 Miles - (Road/Track mix) - Bunch of fun!

Quick recap:  I got up early and made signs for my friends who were competing in the 1st Annual Rhode Warrior Half Ironman.  My street happens to intersect the bike route at about mile 18, so I decided to tailgate!  I packed up my signs, a couple of chairs, and parked on the route.  I was able to get a mile in before the first biker appeared, with #2 rider 10 seconds behind.  I had my signs ready and cheered and gave encouragement to every rider.  Tough race!  I had to use binoculars to identify everyone before they got to me, with helmets and dark racing outfits, and snapped off a few pictures with my phone.

Tommy came through first of my crew, followed by Jeff, BLS and Miss RWM, who gets special props for doing what I didn't even have the stones to do...I was pumped to see all of them!!!

Next?  I had arranged to meet some of my fellow Black Belt candidates for a track workout, pacing checkup.  I'm a decent pacer, and I can keep the kids and adults at an honest pace and tell them where they are, and where they need to be.  Some have work to do, some are good, but I leave them with advice, words of encouragement and a realistic idea of where they are for the run portion of the test.  Good stuff, although it was HOT at the track!

After that?  I estimated some times and figured Nicole might be out on the run part of the race, so I drove down to the beach.  Saw BLS, and fell in behind Tommy on the strip.  I located Nicole, yelled out to her, and drove back to the start/finish to park (illegally!).  Met up with BLS, and when Nicole made the turn, I decided to run with her for a bit.  We chatted and I ran with her for the next mile, gave her a hug and sent her on the way.  She finished like a champ!!!  So proud of her!  Called it a day and drove home, great day :)  

Monday, August 11, 2014

Love the Run!

Again, no scheduled races, and I'm cool with that.  I'm at 18 races done for the year, and the "big ones" haven't even come into play yet.  So why not take a few weeks off of races, and just run...Seth shut it down for two weeks, and I applaud his willpower, but he'll come out of it like Jonny on speed, I suspect...I took four days off last week and was climbing the walls.  I, however, have no particular rhyme or reason right now for what the Hell I'm doing.  My marathon training is just to "wing it," as I always end up doing, as Sunday's 20-miler is proof of.  Oddly, I wasn't at all sore today!  So now the goal is to just run happy, and often, and bank the mileage that gets me where I need to be for the Fall.  And speedwork.  Have to fit that in...ha!

Monday, 8-11 - 4+ Miles (Trail) - Green Falls loop, and a dog jog! - Hit GF this afternoon, and cruised up to the dam, easy run around the lake with a Nehantic trail extension, and gave it a good effort from the dam back to the truck.  2.8 rocky, rooty miles.  Got home and took the dog out, who wants to run, and loves the trails, so it was the Preserve across the street.  I ate web upon web, and had to scrub them off in the shower later, but we had fun, Henry and I!!!

Tuesday, 8-12 - 0 Miles.

Wednesday, 8-13 - 1 hour weight training/stretching, and I got challenged to that ALS ice bucket thing...video to follow...


Thursday, 8-14 - 3 Miles (Trail) - Hike with the kids and dog at Green Falls.  The kids suggested this one!  I happily obliged, and we parked below the dam and hiked to the waterfall.  We continued around the lake loop, and back down the gorge, and the kids loved it.  My daughter said it looked like something out of the Hobbit.  Works for me :)

Light through the trees

Soph digging the trail

Me, Soph and the dogg :)

Friday, 8-15 - 4 Miles (Trail/Road) - Uphill/Downhill run from the house.  All uphill the first two miles, all downhill the last two.  Needless to say, I had negative splits!  I also shaved a minute off my "126 to 130" segment, which was pretty cool...

Saturday, 8-16 - 5 Miles (Trail) - Chatfield Hollow recon run with Faith and Joe.  Well, they changed the course already in the three weeks since I scoped it out, so I went with backup to check it out.  Hilly and technical.  I think I can pull off the 50K in 6 hours?

Anyway, couple of things:  I had a blast, but the RDs better flag the living shit outta the course (yup, I said it again), because even with a map, we got off schedule about 50 times.  It's an awesome course, super technical ups and downs, but the blazes need to be updated though, for reals.  I'm pretty adept at following a map, reading trails and keeping on track, but Jeez...it's fun to get lost sometimes but not all the time.  I better not get lost during this race even a little bit.  I'm sending a message to the race directors, letting them know that there's plenty of time to get this right...great run with friends though!

Sunday, 8-17 - 3-ish Miles (Trail Hike) - Hike with the wife, kids and dog at Green Falls.  I've had a low mileage week, but lots of fun with friends and the kids.  Lori heard all about Green Falls from the kids, and really wanted to see it, so we went out and did the same loop I'd done earlier in the week.  Great day!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

August Already?!?

No scheduled races, it's already August (dammit!) and the kids go back to school in a couple of weeks.  Now that Soph is old enough, I'm going to dive back into the workforce.  I'm actually really looking forward to it, and have already dipped a toe into the job search pool, so to speak...

Mon.-Thurs. - 0 Miles.  Kids' Summer Finale in full effect.  While I stretched, did karate on Monday and Wednesday, and played with the kids (and the dog), no runs were had for the first four days of the week...

Friday, 8-8 - 4+ Miles (Trail) - 2.7 miles at Lantern Hill.  Warm and I felt sluggish, probably due to the 4 days off.  Lots of people out today!  Good to see hikers of all ages out there.

     p.m. - 1.5 Miles on Grindstone/Fowler Preserve trails across the street with Lori and the dog.  Sort of a hike/jog, but Lori did say that she finally understood why I run trails all the time...long time coming to hear that, but I'll take it!

Saturday, 8-9 - 4 Miles (Beach) - Barefoot beach Progression run, Misquamicut.  Felt really, really comfortable today, starting off super easy and gradually increasing the pace the entire time.  Low tide helped, and there were a few knee deep runout spots to cool off in.  Good run on a gorgeous summer day!

     evening - 1.7 miles (Trail) - Dog jog, peppy pace minus the "stop and sniff" method.  We even made it to the stream for a quick cool off before heading home, where Lori and I threw down with some Speedminton.  That shit is a legit workout...

Sunday, 8-10 - 20 Miles (Road/Beach) - Run from the house to the beach.  Having not done any long training runs for quite a while (as later pointed out by Jeff), I decided that I'd put together something in the neighborhood of 20-ish miles, and a roundabout run to the beach was plotted.  The run would take me from my house in North Stonington into Pawcatuck, through Westerly and out to Watch Hill, where I'd make the turn toward Misquamicut and finish at the beach club.  I'd meet the girls there and hopefully they'd give me a ride home...?

I got started later than expected, it was already warm and getting hotter by the minute, and I realized after a few miles that this was going to be a tough run.  I had a CamelBak and a handheld, and drained the handheld rather quickly.  The pack was drained until it got hot enough to not drink - Powerade is nasty when it's warm.  I saw several friends out walking during the first few miles, and called my friend Jim to join me at mile 8, where I stopped in at a convenience store to buy some water for the handheld.  Jim stayed with me until mile 11, then turned back toward his house.  Nice to have some company for a few miles!

By the time I reached Watch Hill at mile 15, I was out of gas - the heat had done its job.  I've done longer runs, and much faster long runs, but this was a slog.  I fueled properly, took gels right on schedule, and was drinking enough liquid (I thought), but I was hurting at this point.  I bought another large bottle of water in W.H., and continued on past Ocean House, and along the ocean on back roads until I got into Misquamicut, where I promptly ran into Sharon, my next door neighbor.  She said later that my eyes were glassy and I looked like I was on speed or something.  That's not quite the look I was going for, but thanks!?  Once I got to Westerly Town Beach, I was out of water.  I decided to finish up on the beach, where it might be a bit cooler (it wasn't), and walk/jogged (Beth cringes at the word "jog" but I'd hardly call it running at this point) the last couple of miles.  I was a hot mess by the time I got to the beach club.  Thankfully, I made it!  Lori was there with a grinder and large iced coffee, water, and a shade umbrella.  I rinsed off in the ocean, scarfed down the grinder and stayed in the shade the rest of the day.  Mike B., fresh off a 10-mile beach run, stopped by to check on me and offer some kudos in person, and later on we had a nice chat with Jeff, Matthew, Mark and Jonny E., who were doing a short beach run.

WTAC powwow on the beach!

I'm going to call this run a learning experience.  Knowing the forecast, I should have left much earlier than I did.  I also should have filled the pack with water and ice cubes, not Powerade.  I sweat like a pig, and didn't bring anything to wipe my face.  I did put two water stops on my route, but at the rate I was drinking, I should have bought an extra bottle in Watch Hill, as I ran out two miles from my destination.  In spite of all of this, I enjoyed the run, the challenge of plotting a course and not giving in to the urge to call Lori to pick me up (which crossed my mind more than a few times).  I'm gonna take another stab at this route on a cooler day, and do it a bit better.  I should be closer to 3 hours in the right conditions, I think...