Friday, November 13, 2015

Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground - November 2015

Title attributed to the White Stripes song of the same name, and entirely appropriate for this time of year :)

Started off November with a dog jog.  Nothing spectacular, but got the ball rolling.  Now we're into the heart of Fall, and the heart of Fall racing in New England.  First up for me?  The RI 6hr Ultramarathon and Relay on 11/8, hosted by friend and race director Bob Jackman, and his team at A Better Pace racing.  Super fun atmosphere at this race, especially with all the relay teams hanging out at the start/finish!  Like a street festival every time you roll through...

11/1 - 1.4 Miles - Dog Jog.  It's a start...

11/3 - 2 Miles - Short Stressbuster before my commute home, East Granby.  Next door to the job site is the "Rails to Trails" path.  Got a peppy run in before navigating to shitty drive through Hartford.  It helped!

11/6 - 4 Miles - Easy cruise around the lower Lantern Hill trails.  Post-dump run, pre-darkness, and a good run to clear some cobwebs.  I also posted some "At your own risk" signs at either end of the Wintechog Hill section of the Narragansett Trail, as there is extensive timber harvesting going on and the trail is wiped out in a couple places...

11/8 - 32 Miles - RI 6hr Ultramarathon and Relay, Warwick.  41st of 77-ish runners in the solo, 5:36 for 29+ miles.  My third year running this race.  I had low expectations going into this, as my miles have been low, and training virtually nonexistent.  But I needed some redemption after my last couple of long distance races, and I really like this race.  The format, the social aspect, the swag, it's just fun for me.  I paired up with TNT friend and runner John P., and we got off to a rather ambitious start.  Perhaps too ambitious, as we went out faster than my goal pace and I paid for it later.

Last year's record-setter Pat Moulton was back, and threatening to break his own record (he did!), along with some local fast men and women.  WTAC cohort Seth was there, looking ready to rock but not feeling ready?  I was sure he'd do fine (which he did!  4th OA at 40 miles, and 3rd place male).  I just wanted another pint glass, I'm really a sucker for a good pint glass.  And Monica was there volunteering, as well as TNT runner Mark and a few other people!  So I had some support through a bunch of laps at the start/finish.  Fun scene.

So I ran with John and this dude named Brian, who we jokingly blamed for our going out too fast.  It's Brian's fault!  At the end of the fourth loop, I lingered at the aid station to let them get ahead of me, as I wanted to run my own race and pace, and I felt like I was trying to keep up.  The positive side to this was that I got to run with a bunch of other people during the race, and some really cool people at that!  And did I mention the weather was perfect?  It was.  50-55, partly cloudy and just enough breeze.  Great views as well.

Fast forward to lap 11.  I'd been slowing more on each lap, and getting to the start/finish, I realized I was at 5:36, with 23+ minute window to make it around again.  I said to myself "screw it, I'm going for it, I want to hit the 50k mark anyway," threw my water bottle down and took off.  I kept a steady pace and it turned out to be my fastest lap of the day, however it was not going to count.  As I approached the finish line, the buzzer went off.  I ended up completing the 12th lap for a total of 32+ miles, getting credit in the stats for 11at 29+ miles.  All good, though!  It was a totally fun day, and I enjoyed every minute of it.  Totally worth jumping in on if you're local.  Bob puts on a great race, with low cost and pretty high reward.  Great day!

11/13 - 2.3 Miles at Hewitt Farm, 2-ish mile dog jog.  I stopped at Hewitt for a short run in between errands, and found out they're making new trails along the Shunock River.  A bit rough now, but scenic and fun rollers.

Got home and took the dog for a run.  Garmin did something totally weird today.  I hit 1 mile and it buzzed, and I went 3/10 mile further and it buzzed again, showed the Garmin logo, and then started me back at my last pause point, which was .87 mile.  Never seen it do that before...anyone else???

11/14 - 6 Miles - Li'l Rhody Runaround course marking with WTAC crew.  Chilly and gusty winds, but when we got into the woods it was perfect weather for a hike/jog.  One group marked the first half, the rest of us (Paul, Roy, Phil, Tony and me) hit the second part of the 8 mile course.  We flagged it really well.  The last stretch is on a road and doesn't need marking, so when we reached that point, I turned and ran back to my truck at a more peppy pace.  Course is in great shape for tomorrow!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Blogtoberfest (Needs more black boxes, fewer gray boxes)

Strava fans will understand the statement in parentheses.  I'm going to restore some semblance of order eventually, with this blog, my running and life in general...but for now, I'll give a short recap of the month's events thus far, which ain't a whole lot, but I can say has been "quality over quantity," and for that I'm happy.  I've also managed to stay strictly to trails!  Best time of year for it, as the colors on the roadside might be great, but they're jaw-droppingly incredible from the woods.

10/3 - Cat's Tail Trail Marathon, Phoenicia NY - 9 Miles.  In mid-30's wind chills, rain and fog, Soaked and shivering, I opted to drop out at the mile 9 aid station, where an awesome up-and-coming ultra runner named Jenny gave me a lift back to my truck.  My teeth were chattering, I went back to the hotel and took a hot shower, bundled up and drove my ass home.  On a positive note (if one can be found), I did manage to snag 3K of elevation gain?

10/6 - Metacomet Trail, East Granby CT - 3.5 Miles.  I've been dying to check this section of trail out!  I pass it every day on my way to the jobsite a mile away, and the cliffs it passes over are really dramatic from below.  Great climb, outstanding views, and it's a popular place, as there are almost always cars parked next to the trailhead.

Look!  There's a house!  Down there!

Valley view.  Soon, I'll be running on the other side of the valley!

Metacomet blazes


10/7 - Chapel Farm Preserve, East Haddam, CT - 2 Miles.  On my way to Devil's Hopyard, I noticed a small sign and trailhead at the turn off the main road.  In checking it out, I realized it's very small, but with some really fun trails, and looks like they're going to join it with a larger parcel across the Eight Mile River, which would be awesome.

Liked it...

10/10 - Run For the Pumpkins Trail 5k, Bradford RI - 8+ Miles.  Jeff had spearheaded the effort to make this former road race a trail event, and its success surpassed any of our expectations.  Met the WTAC crew early for course marking, and the weather couldn't have been more perfect:  clear skies, crisp autumn air, and clear trails.  Chatted with friends during registration.  With the course marked, I ran a short warmup with friend and WTAC cohort Beth, and gave her a course recon.  First mile, gradual uphill.  Second mile, twisty singletrack in pine forest.  Last mile, almost all downhill and FAST.  The race?  I was cruising until we hit the woods, then picked up the pace.  Was able to pass quite a few runners and finished 40th.  After the race, Jonny and I ran the course and collected the flags, signs, ghosts and pumpkins from the course.  Pumpkins are heavy.  Great day!

Me and George.  Seagull/Turtle frenemies!

10/12 - McLean Game Refuge, East Granby CT - 3 Miles.  Heard about this place from the homeowner of the jobsite we're at, and as it was a few miles away, I decided to check it out.  Awesome trails.  Really great scenery, and it's a 4400 acre preserve!  I did the red to blue loop, and branched out onto some unmarked stuff, and finished up with a peppy cruise back to my truck.  Found out later that this place has had runners harassed by bears multiple times!  Yikes!  Haven't seen one yet though, but they're out there...

Wonderland, with trails!


Foliage display


10/15 - Saw a Frickin' Bear!  East Granby, CT - 0 Miles.  A mile from our jobsite and within sight of the aforementioned section of Metacomet Trail, a rounded a curve to come across a very large black bear crossing the road.  I fumbled with my phone, and was able to snap a few pictures as he/she meandered into the woods.  When it cruised into an adjoining yard and began to harass some loose chickens, I snagged a few more shots and went on my way.  The bear was 20 feet from me, easily 400 pounds, and my hands were shaking.  Awesome encounter from the safety of my truck.  On the trail?  Not so much...


10/16 - Talcott Mountain/Heublin Tower, Simsbury CT - 2.4 Miles.  Was wanting to check this place out for a while, but was worried about getting screwed by Hartford traffic going home.  Today was the day.  Cool air, breezy and fantastic views!  And lots of people!  I ran to the top, took some pictures along the way, and ran a pretty fast descent (8th OA on Strava of 78).  Great place, and totally worthy of much more exploration.  And Penwood State Park is right across the street!  Win-win!

Earlier in the day in Canton.  Stopped the truck for this.

Need to photoshop myself out of this...

View from the deck of the tower


10/17 - Avalonia/DPNC Trails, Mystic - 7.3 Miles.  Crisp air, falling leaves and a cruisy run through these trails, which are fairly flat but just technical enough to make things interesting...

10/21 - Airline Trail, Colchester - 4 Miles.  Hadn't ever been on this "Rails to Trails" offering, but what fun!  Lots of people out running, biking, etc. and the trail runs right past a commuter lot off the highway.  I turned it into a progression run, and was quite happy to be out there!

Very straight, and pretty cool

Nice bridges!

Big 'ol hornet's nest (inactive) above an unmarked trail :)

10/23 - Shenipsit Trail, Southern Terminus, Meshomasic State Forest - 3 Miles.  The Meshomasic is the oldest state forest in CT and all of New England, the first parcels being purchased in 1903.  It's also where the Shenipsit Trail begins, and runs 41 miles to within a few miles of the Mass.  border.  After negotiating the Hartford traffic, I got off Route 2 and cruised a few miles out to the forest.  I parked at the trailhead, and made the immediate sharp climb to the Great Hill ridge, where I was rewarded with this view:

CT River in the distance below

Great Hill Pond


Continued on along some badly marked trails, stopping every so often to make sure I was still on track, and enjoyed a cool respite from the highway and its soul-sucking properties.  I hear there's a section of this trail that runs under Route 2, I have to find that next!

See the blaze?  Didn't think so...

10/24 - 4+ Miles.  3 Lantern Hill miles, and a short dog jog.

10/25 - 8 Miles.  Mystic trail/road mixer.  Good morning to opt out of driving 3+ hours to New Hampshire for a race, and stay close to home for some miles.

10/26 - 3 hour surf session, Matunuck.  An impromptu day off and swell showing on the buoys meant getting in the water!  Surfed waist-plus glassy waves with four other people for hours, and loved every minute of it...

10/27 - 2 Miles.  Short trail inspection.  Got an email from the CFPA that a section of my trail was "impassable" due to recent clearcutting???  After work I raced down to the trailhead and ran the section in question, and sure enough, two sections had been bulldozed, and the trail wiped clean.  We're still trying to verify the landowners, and what the plan is there.  Not good.

10/29 - 3.3 Miles.  Traprock ridge run, Meriden.  Chauncey Peak in Giuffrida Park is a new gem for me now.  The latest jobsite is 2 miles from this place, where the Mattabesett Trail travels through.  Big climb to the ridge, windy and sketchy as Hell.  Super fun!

10/31 - 18 Miles.  Pacing Nicole on her last long run before Philly, Narragansett.  She did awesome!  When Nicole put out the request for friends to join her on her last long run, I happily volunteered.  I was there for her during her first marathon training schedule, and was ready to help out again.  Beth and her friend Patti came out for the first chilly 8 miles, then it was just me and Nicole, chatting away and having a great run!  We even ran part of the Resolution 5k course (trails and beach) to mix things up.  Great day with a good friend, and she's gonna do awesome in Philly!!!

So that's the October lowdown.  Started out shitty, and ended with a great long run with friends, which renewed my running faith, if you will.  I look forward to November!

Friday, September 18, 2015

September update!

September...ah, Sweet September.  I'm usually in the midst of hurricane surf season, Fall running season, and enjoying the cooler weather.  No on all accounts!  No surf, my running has been cut down, and it's fuckin' hot out!  What the Hell is going on???

I'm gonna recap the last couple weeks, say a prayer to the running Gods and move on...

9/1-9/3 - 0

9/4 - Devil's Hopyard.  2+ miles on the drive home from the jobsite.  Reclaimed my "Devil's Oven" segment (sorry Duke!), and got some mental health time in the woods :)

9/5 - 0

9/6 - Taylor Swift run, 10 miles.  I set out from Weekapaug to meet Jim at the Westerly Beach, and we cruised out to Tay's place, choked down a stinger gel, and cruised back to WTB, where I dropped Jim and ran to Weekapaug.  Easy pace but painful.  (See forthcoming post).

9/7 - 9/8 - 0. Tuesday I woke up with a splitting headache, and as I've felt run down, sleepless, and had headaches for over a week, I finally went to my doctor.  She sent me right over to Westerly Hospital to get bloodwork done to test for Lyme disease.  Perfect.  Results in one week.

9/9 - Devil's Hopyard - 2+ miles again, I went a different route and it totally worked.  Great hills there!

9/10-9/12 - 0.  Work, travel and laying low before the Kismet race.  4 hour drive to North Conway.

9/13 - Kismet Cliff "Beast of the East" half marathon.

           So here it is:  I picked the perfect place to stay!  The Colonial Motel in North Conway.  Clean, helpful and friendly, and three minutes from the race start.  Room was super clean, the staff helpful, and I was totally set.

I awoke to fog, 55 degrees, rain, and no sight whatsoever of the mountains I'd be running...

Arrived early to find a hardcore crew already set up.  I grabbed my bib, saw Ryan and chatted with him for a bit, then spent time talking with Kristina, Tony, Lise, and some other awesome runners before the race began.

After the race start and a short run around Echo Lake, we all turn onto the Cathedral Ledge ascent, which is 400'-1500' and a flipping tease.  After that?  A short descent, then the nightmare ascent up North Moat.  It was raining, it was foggy, it was slippery as Hell.  I was alone for a long time (I can deal with being alone, but this wasn't fun!), and also wasn't aware that there are about a thousand false summits going up to the top.  It just kept going up!

I was nearing one of those false summits, questioning my sanity and qualifications for even being there, when I heard a runner behind me, approaching fast.  I shouted "Please tell me I'm not getting lapped!"  He replied "If it helps, I was in second place and took a wrong turn..."

He scampered up the hill and out of sight, and I continued on, alone and in the rain.  I was looking for a bright side at this point.  I was pretty sure I was in last place, pre-hypothermic (it felt like it), and looking at a 4-hour half marathon time.  What the Hell...

When I finally crested the actual summit of North Moat and began the descent, things got even more sketchy!  Ryan had mentioned that that side of Moat never gets Sun, and was always "greasy," in his words, and it had rained all night.  Imagine a slick granite slip n' slide that goes down for two miles, and you get the idea.  I slid on my ass, bushwhacked alongside the trail, and moved as well as I could...until I rounded a curve and saw fast runner dude (Ryan K.) helping a girl down the mountain.  Her name was Amber, and she'd rolled her ankle pretty bad.  I did the right thing and stopped, and helped with getting her down the slippery descent.  I'd thrown my cell phone into my CamelBak as an afterthought, and we pulled up the Race Director's number and called him to explain our situation.  We arranged to have transportation meet us at the Diana's Baths area.

The next couple hours were us getting down to level ground, walking Amber to the bailout near the stream, and getting out. Friends Ryan and Kristina and a couple other runners met us and we hitched rides back to the start/finish, where I DNF'd, but for good reason.  I'll be back next year, this race is badass and had far too few runners for what it was, which was, in the words of runner Tony, who I met at the start, "Everything the White Mountains has to offer in a race."  7 Sisters was a breeze compared to this race.  Yes, I said it.

No soapbox moment here, but hey:  people passed this runner, who was obviously in distress, and she was too polite to stop them during the race.  If you see a runner who's slowed to a crawl, just a quick "How's it going?" may be enough for them to say "Not so hot."  Then you stop and see if maybe they need help.  All I'm saying...

9/14 - 9/17 - 0 Miles.  Found out I tested positive for Lyme Disease.  Started at a new jobsite in East Granby, CT, and started a round of Doxycycline.  Job is right up the street from the Metacomet Trail, across the street from the "Rails to Trails" paths, and unless I can stay out of the Sun, I ain't checking out shit.  The Sun, it's not my friend:

No Girl Scouts were harmed during the making of this blog...

9/18 - 5 Miles.  Oil Change special, Westerly.  A rare (these days!) day off meant testing a few things.  Dropped off my truck for service, then ran to Wilcox Park in Westerly, a scenic downtown park with tons of shade where I could get some "time on feet" and assess my current fitness, based on my lack of miles lately and 4 days into Doxycycline meds.  I took it easy and ran until my truck was ready, 5 miles.  Slow but faster by the mile.  Good sign, longer run tomorrow.

9/19 - 12 Miles.  Run from the house to Green Falls, running the Narragansett, then run home!  I was able to stay in the shade for almost the whole run, and had an entirely enjoyable trail run around the Green Falls area.  and did the entire portion from the state line to the Groton Sportsmen's Club, and some extra.  Took Tom Wheeler toward home, until I saw my wife's car at my sister-in-law's place and called it a day.  My wife made me sit on the dog's tarp in her car for the ride home, like a sweaty dog...

9/23 - 5 Miles.  Lantern Hill Double.  Good effort, great weather!

9/27 - 5 Miles.  White Rock Cruisin' with Jim.  Jim's daughter was at the local skate park, We set out on roads, and discovered some unmarked trails nearby to explore!  Warm day, too!

9/30 - 3.5 Miles.  Day Pond State Park.  Misty, humid, and slick trails, but damn did it feel good to break up the drive home, and it's right off the highway...I'll be back for some more!

So that's September.  I'm gonna forget about it and move on.  Lowest miles in years, got Lyme Disease (goddam tick bastards!), DNF'd a mountain race, and all work and very little play made me a dull boy.  Hoping to get back on track in October!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Floating into Fall...Week of 8-24 to 8-30

Mon-Tues - 0.

Wed - 2+ - Salem unmarked trails and roads.  A roadside bushwacking adventure!  Slow pace but fun checking out some new trails in Salem.

Thursday 4 - Case Mountain trails, Manchester.  Oh Hell yes, great trails and I'll be there again!

Friday - 0

Saturday - 6 - Newport fun.  Cruised out from our fancy B&B to the Tennis Hall of Fame, then down to the corner of Bellevue, past some of the fabled mansions and onto the Cliff Walk for the return!

Sunday - 5-ish - More Newps!  I slid down to the beach, angled up through the residential 'hood to the commercial strip, and down Bellevue to 'Gansett, where I ran the Cliff Walk again,  So much fun there!!!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Slacker! Worker Bee Blog, Week of 8-17 to 8-23

I've been quite lax about updating the blog, but here's the latest:  I'm working and fitting in runs where I can, and have registered to run in the 3rd annual "Shore 2 the Pour" 3 mile beach race, put on by one of my favorite CT breweries, Two Roads brewing.  Suggested by friend and rival club member Bob Jackman, this promises to be a great day trip.  And there's beer afterward, duh!  Can't wait! 

Monday - 0 - HOWEVER, I am officially registered for the "Beast of the East" half marathon scheduled for Sunday, 9/13 in New Hampshire!  This looks like a great prelude to the Cat's Tail...

Tuesday - 0

Wednesday - 4.6 - Gay City State Park trails.  New jobsite means new trails to explore!  This job takes me to Manchester, CT, known back in the day (which, by the way, was a Wednesday) as "Silk City," and it was well-earned.  My boss (and neighbor and friend) was born and raised in Manchester, and had the lowdown on the city.  The Cheney family were icons in the silk industry, and virtually made Manchester in its early days.  The house we're working in was built in 1899, and most likely a duplex built for employee housing, as were many homes in the area.  Some reading here:

So I'm planning a run in town, and I want to include some of the historic sights of Manchester.  Nothing like getting a taste of the town by running it!

Thursday-Friday - 0 - Got a fantastic workout by deconstructing a second floor bathroom in the hot, humid air for two days, ripping out walls and floors and hauling the debris down to the truck.  I changed out my shirt every time it soaked through, and went through 4 shirts each day, sweaty bastard that I am...153 pounds and counting...

Saturday - 4 Miles - Warmup, and Shore 2 the Pour 3-Mile Beach Run (Or, "Runs With Turtles for Beer").  What a fun event!  As friends Beth and Jeff noted, they'd be hard pressed to drive 90 minutes to run a 5k, but damn was this worth it, and it's a fundraiser for an Audubon Preserve, which was part of the course.  I left the house at 8, and rolled up to the beach/park in Stratford an hour early.  Plenty of time to get situated, and check out the setup that Two Roads had going on.  Picked up my race bib and tech shirt, and ran into the TNT crew for the race, which consisted of Bob, Jackie, Mark and Scott, who was running his first race of the year!  He's usually on the other side of the lens, but jumped in on this at the last minute.  Great call.

We ran a short warmup of the last half of the course in reverse, noting the wind direction and rising heat...

At 10:45 the race started, and there were nearly 400 runners ready to rock (I'm guessing it was the beer?).  The first mile was as expected:  with the breeze, hot and crowded and very soft, gravelly sand.  I stayed with Scott, and as we reached the dirt trails near the point, we hit the loop part of the course and I passed a few people.  Bob had opened up a fairly sizeable lead over the #2 dude (who I think was the guy who passed us in the parking lot and said something about "there's my competition," but I may have misheard that).  I stayed close to Scott, and dodged runners coing the other way after the loop.  Back onto the soft sand, there was a brisk headwind, but it felt really good.  I took a higher line than Scott, gained some ground and passed him at around mile 2.  The last part of the race involves more beach but firmer sand, a turn onto a really soft and uneven stretch of sand along an inlet, and some short dirt singletrack before a sprint to the finish across grass and sidewalk.  I passed a couple of kids 1/4 mile from the finish, and one of them came charging past me in the last 100 yards.  I sprinted alongside him as fast as I could, but realized he had faster legs and the advantage of I finished 29th out of 360+?  Totally happy with my race, too!

Post race, I found out that Bob had won handily, by over a minute.  Jackie finished 16 seconds ahead of me, Mark a second ahead, and Scott just behind.  We replayed our race recaps over a couple of pints (5 available, I sampled the 'Lil Heaven Session IPA), served to us by the Two Roads crew out of their vintage Airstream trailer!  They also showed up with a "Beer Bus," a restored vintage school bus, and a restored VW panel van, circa 1961-ish?  Much better shape than mine, for sure...need to address that.

Bob's 1st place got him a growler trophy, good for a free fill at the brewery, and a tasting/tour for 10.  Awesome.  As I was anticipating a long drive home (95N, summer, Saturday), I said my goodbyes and headed toward my truck, but not before being stopped by the kid who sprinted with me at the finish, who thanked me and said it was the highlight of his race.  Very cool!

Great race, and I'll be back next year!!!

Monday, August 10, 2015

New Jobsite, New (Old) Trails to Explore: Week of 8-10 to 8-16

I'm working in Voluntown this week, which means some Pachaug State Forest action!  One of my go to places which I'd not made it to for awhile.  Nice to get a chance to hit it again, as it's a wealth of possibility and unlimited trail mileage!

No scheduled races.  Other than that race in RI this weekend that I got laughed at by my family for wanting to attempt...not happy about that, but I'll turn it around with something fun on the weekend :)

Monday - 3.3 - Pachaug Trails & Forest Roads.  Post work session, nice to get some trails in so close to work!  Should be a fun week!!!

Tuesday - 2.5 - Copp Property, Groton.  On the way to pick up the dog from daycare and hadn't run these trails in a long time.  I remembered them as unspectacular, but I was wrong!  Once I turned off the wide gravel path onto singletrack, it got really fun.  Cool climbs past the restricted area, some short rope-assisted climbs, and lots of twisty trails to explore.  Most of them are blazed yellow, so I got sort of lost, but not really.  And it was raining!  Love running in the rain :)

Wed-Fri - 0

Saturday - 4 - Barefoot Beach Run.  Too hot for the "Taylor 10," so I opted for a progression 4-miler, starting at a 9+ pace, and finishing sub-7.  Felt good!

Sunday - 4.3 - Green Falls run w/Jim.  Hot, muggy and buggy, and we checked out some unmarked trails (they weren't), and cruised around the pond and over through the Dinosaur Caves section.  I was up for more miles, but Jim was tapped out.  Sorry, dude!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Another Road Race? Week of 8-3 to 8-9

Opted for family time in lieu of the Bobby Doyle race.  Time well spent!

Monday - 5+ - Lantern Hill area mixer.  Hot and sweaty run, but I got 5 in, with some roads and some trails.  Good run!

Tuesday, 3-ish - Wyassup Lake trail run.  Cut short by the two sketchy mofos (who I know of) at the boat launch, who were clearly hammered (early afternoon), bathing in the lake with shampoo and generally looking like they'd get up to no good, given the chance.  I did a couple of short out and backs on the Narragansett Trail, a short road section, and in between made sure my shit was still secure.  I also took a cruise up to High Ledge and ran the uphill/downhill segments, and got my fastest time on the downhill.  Hot.  Sweaty.  Buggy.

Wednesday, 3 - Canonchet Peserve, RI.  A rare (these days)Wednesday off meant shuttling the kids to and from the beach, pet to the groomers, etc...I finally got a small window of opportunity this afternoon and hit the Canonchet trails up the road.  Great trails, well marked, and as it was still really warm I opted to do a 1.5 mile out, 1.5 mile back run.  Had a big buck bound across the trail 50 feet in front of me and that was awesome!  What wasn't awesome?  Having a huge bug fly straight into my mouth and bury itself in the back of my throat 100 yards from my goddamn truck,  Fucker was fluttering while I tried to hack him out, as I'm doubled over and trying not to puke.  Finally got some of it out, and washed the rest of it down with water.  Gross.  I think I could still feel a piece of it lodged back there an hour later.  Those bastards all need to die...

Thursday - 0

Friday - 0

Saturday - 10 - Another run to Ms. Taylor Swift's place and back.  My chair at the beach club to the rocks at Taylor's is exactly 5 miles, on the nose.  So I did the full Taylor run, and negotiated the state beach traffic like a boss!  No kids run over!  No chafing, either, considering I opted to splash through the low tide sand bar for quite a while.  Love the beach, love the run!

Sunday - 0 - Shit to do at the house day.  Chainsaws and tractors were involved.  I floated the idea of attempting the Anchor Down 12/24 Ultra to the family, and was mocked mercilessly for my idiocy.  Guess I'm an Ultra island at this point?  How dare I attempt to run at night???