Monday, February 10, 2014

Ultramarathon Training Week #3 of 18

Well, here we go - I started a training schedule a couple weeks ago, but didn't really say much about it, because it started at a lower mileage than I'm already doing.  That said, there are a million free schedules out there, and this program allowed me to punch in the date and distance of the race, and instantly generated a spreadsheet to follow.  Much like the one that Beth is doing, and I input my actual miles next to the recommended miles.  Gives me some structure, as opposed to my first ultra, where I had no structure and bombed out big time.  I'm also supposed to run a 50K six weeks out from the big race as part of the training, so I'm thinking about adding in the Traprock 50K in CT for that?  Not sure yet, I already have a pretty robust schedule as it is for 2014...

Monday, 2-10 - 0 Miles - 1 hour karate class this morning, and the Super 5K team victory celebration at the Mews Tavern this evening.  Great time at both!

Tuesday, 2-11 - 0 Miles.

Wednesday, 2-12 - 4+ Miles (Road) - Short spin around Westerly, post karate class.  Worked weapons the entire time.  It's the only facet of my training that's been lacking, and I'm feeling more confident that I'll test for Nidan (2nd degree) in June.  After karate class, I changed straight into my gear and hit the road.  With single digit wind chills, I didn't want to give myself a chance to lose motivation.  I've also been using the hill segment from the Pumpkins 5K as a performance indicator - it's fairly close to the dojo and has some pretty impressive names at the top, with paces that I'm trying to get to (especially on hills).  Was able to get into the sub-2:00 range with a 1:58!  Very happy with my effort today...

Thursday, 2-13 - 0 Miles.  This weather, coupled with school cancellations, is lending to a low mileage week for me...

Friday, 2-14 - 3+ Miles (Road) - Short out and back from the house.  Whipping winds, but upper 30's and the Sun was out.  Got a couple of sprints in, and felt pretty good overall.  Hopefully I can get some distance in tomorrow before the next round of snow?  Otherwise I'll need to pull out some serious mileage on Sunday...

Saturday, 2-15 - 7.75 Miles (Road) - Loop from the house.  And the word of the day is...Bombogenesis, one of those weather phenomenon that cause meteorologists to salivate and repeat the word continuously until the storm's over.  Basically it's just a sexy term for a rapidly intensifying low pressure system (24mb drop in 24 hours), but it sure is fun to say!  Anyway, this is the latest round of impending doom (read: snowfall) that's headed our on that note, I headed out and got some easy miles in this morning.  Just short of eight, but keeps me on schedule for training.

Sunday, 2-16 - 4 Miles (Road) - Slushy spin in Mystic.  Wanted to get a run in, and wound up in Mystic.  I scoped out a segment there, Clift Street, which starts at the river and runs up to the top of the west side hill, a half mile at a 7% average grade.  I remembered that Amby Burfoot mentioned this hill as part of a run he'd do with John Kelley, so it seemed like a good hill to try.  After a couple miles, I hit the hill, which is relentless and I was sucking wind by the time I reached the top, but it's a solid test and I'll hit it again. Missed the CR by 13 seconds, so how can I not go back? Bonus?  The biting wind had totally died down by the time I started my run, so it was a really comfortable run, in spite of the slush, hidden puddles and general wetness :)


  1. Worked weapons Wednesday-I won't mess with you! That Mystic Hill Climb sounds pretty sweet.

  2. I'm totally into segments as testers now, so be warned! Haha, the weapons are great, but the hand to hand combat is the better indicator of my training. It's good and getting better. The Mystic Hill (Clift St.) is brutal. Have fun!!!