Monday, July 28, 2014

Run 4 Kerri Week! Week of 7-28 to 8-3

So I've been running for a few years now, and the first race I ever did was the Run 4 Kerri in 2009.  Great cause and a great family.  I've run it every year since, and my previous results are as follows:

2009:  412/883  37:54 @ 9:29
2010:  287/810  34:30 @ 8:38
2011:  204/470  36:48 @ 9:12
2012:  197/693  33:48 @ 8:28
2013:  100/729  28:30 @ 7:08

2014?  Well I guess we'll see how it goes...obviously my goal would be to go below 28 minutes, and I'm gonna shoot for that.  I sure as shit can't shave as much off as I did last year, that was nuts...but a realistic goal is 27:59, and I better get a game plan together this week!

Here's a short video about Kerri, and the history of the race:

Monday, 7-28 - 3 Miles.  Watch Hill, RI.  After karate class, I ended up in Watch Hill.  I knew that the hill going up to the Ocean House was a popular segment, as it's on the Surftown 1/2 route at mile 11, and lots of people run in W.H. anyway.  FiveK holds the CR in a blazing 50 seconds, followed by the Gazelle and Johnny Winter (aka Mike B).  I ain't that speedy, but I knew I could do a bit better than my best time.  Started by running past the old carousel, and out to the lighthouse:

Ms. Swift's of the giant breakwater

Watch Hill lighthouse!

Then looped around W.H., and gave the hill a snappy effort around mile 2.5.  I was moving pretty good, and may have slowed up too soon at the top...but I still managed a decent time, and I'll give it another go soon, it's so damned scenic down there...

Tuesday, 7-29 - 0 Miles.

Wednesday, 7-30 - 5.5 Miles (Beach/Roads) - Napatree Point beach run, and Watch Hill streets.  Gorgeous day.  After karate I decided to hit Watch Hill again.  This time, however, I did the Napatree Point run, which was a bit under 4 miles.  I went around the point, and did the boulder dance twice, as I got dead-ended and opted to not swim/slosh across the small channel that the high tide created.  Good run!  I even gave the "Ocean House Bump" segment another go, shaved a bit more off my time and got props from some tourists walking down the hill.  Cool!

Watch Hill harbour...

...and more harbour

Napatree Point.  Hard to believe it was lined with houses before the Hurricane of '38...

Thursday, 7-31 - a.m. - 5.2 Miles (Trail) - Lantern Hill trails with Mark G. - Mark gave me a shout yesterday to let me know he'd be in town, and asked if I'd be free for a run.  Met up and did just under 4 miles, up and over the top of Lantern and around to the bottom.  I dropped him off, and did one more ascent, taking a stab at the LH Blue Dot segment, and another shot at my "Top to Bottom" segment.  Didn't start the blue dot far enough back, and missed my CR on the other by 14 seconds.  Another time, perhaps!

Top of Lantern, warm summer day...

Mark descending through the "Lemon Squeezer"

     p.m. 1.8 Miles (Trail/Road) - Dog Jog with Henry. - Took Henry on a short trail run, and a bit of road.  It was pretty warm out, so I took him down the street and let him jump in the creek to cool off :)

Still on leash, but leads the way and stays on the trail...

Coolin' off!

So a great day!  I was even able to finish a ton of stuff at the house, including power washing the front and getting the walk cleared and manicured.  Productive!

Friday, 8-1 - a.m. 1.7 Miles (Trail/Road) - Dog Jog with Henry.  The humidity is affecting the dog today, but when I said the word "Run!" he perked right up.  Did the trail loop across the street, then repeated the run down to the creek to take a dip.  Nice trails this morning:

Grindstone Fowler Preserve, across the street :)

          p.m. - 4 Miles (Road) - Local Sweaty Segment Reclamation Project.  So a dude named Ryan D. (Obviously faster, and mutual frenemies?) was cruisin' around Westerly and took my Granite Street segment, between errands in town, I decided to grab a few muggy miles and try my luck at the "Pumpkins 5K Hill" segment, and try to retake my GS segment.  The Pumpkins segment seems more cruel - although it's shorter, you have to turn a corner onto another street and continue uphill for a bit.  I was sucking wind, and missed the segment by 4 seconds, but moved into 3rd OA!

The other segment?  Got it back the next day, Hammett-style...for now...

Saturday, 8-2 - 0 Miles - Hosting friends from OH for the weekend, let's hope we don't overdo it Saturday night...

Sunday, 8-3 - 5 Miles (Road) - Warmup and Run 4 Kerri 4 mile road race.  Well, friends in town, we overdid it and I was definitely not on my best behavior...but I got up, geared up and left the house at 7:15, stopping long enough to grab a breakfast sandwich and iced coffee from DD.  Arrived and checked in, and grabbed my swag (great tech shirt and bib #123!), and chatted with George Ross, Bob and Jackie and some of the other TNT crew, as well as Roy Moran and the Seddon clan from the WTAC.  My short warmup run felt tight and lacking energy (No, have another glass of wine, dummy!  You'll be fine in the morning for the race...), and I did a mile on the back end of the course.  Humid, and although it was cool, I found myself sweating fairly quickly.  When we lined up, I found Chris "Garcia" and wished him luck (he came in 15th in a stacked field!).  Saw the usual fast local contingent at the front line, and apparently the R4K has drawn a couple of Kenyans now?

The race started at exactly 9.  I'd already felt like this wasn't going to be a PR day, but it's my favorite race so I was just glad to be there.  We took off, and I found myself settling into a slower than expected pace, and couldn't force myself to pick it up...until I saw Roy up ahead.  I resolved to catch Roy, so I focused on his singlet and finally caught him at 2.5 miles in.  Then rounded a corner before the "hill" and caught up with Scott Mason, and ran with him for a bit.  I had a decent kick but crossed the line officially at 30:11, good for 111th place out of 569 runners at a 7:33 pace.  Not bad for a Sunday morning race after an overindulgence Saturday with friends, I suppose...I also won a raffle prize!  A logo'd R4K bag, picture frame, stress star thingy and water bottle:


I'd like to note the new course record of 18:44, set by Amos Sang...WOW.  4:42 pace.  Just a testament to the reputation of the Run 4 Kerri race, and particularly the Bessette family and their crew of volunteers, that they're drawing attention from outside our area.  Love this race, love the cause.  Six years in a row now, and I was the very first registrant this year!  Looking forward to the next one :)

(Evening:  1 mile trail run with Lori.  First time ever.  I stayed out front, ate all the webs, and made it as easygoing as I could.  Fingers crossed...)


  1. Way to persevere at the R4K after a night of overindulgence. One glass of wine is my limit if I have a race the next morning. Keep us posted on the spousal running experiment. Good luck.

  2. Nice work on Sunday. As an overindulger, I commend your effort.

  3. Nice job Crutch! I over indulge far to often, although never on wine *shudder* don't touch the stuff if I can help it. Sounds like Henry is enjoying his jogs, and yes it has been pretty brutal for the four footeds, my geriatric Gizzy has been pushing the envelope on just how much he can handle. Congrats on running with Lori. Hope she is enjoying it!