Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Heating up around here! The steamy week of 6-30 to 7-6

Looks like things are about to get hot around here, with the forecast expecting 90+ degrees for the next few days, along with oppressive dewpoints and possible tropical activity by the end of the week?  All that aside, it looks like some early morning/evening runs will be in order, along with some surfing if the waves cooperate.  On Sunday Mike B. resumed his role as Taylor Swift's biggest fan by running the 10 mile TS out/back (should be a Strava segment), which is an impressive beach run (especially if done barefoot)!  The "Tri Guys" are deep into their training bricks, and posted some serious numbers over the weekend, including Beth, who threw down a 70-miler in New Haven?  For my highlights, I was able to pull off a near-PR at the Bottone Mile, and get in 10 tough miles on the 'Gansett Trail...just a matter of time until I bang out the end-to-end run...

Monday, 6-30 - 0 Miles.

Tuesday, 7-1 - a.m. 2 Miles (Road) - Short out/back from the house.  Just to get the day (and July) started off right, I seized the chance to squeeze in a short , albeit quite humid, run this morning.  Planning on getting something else in later, hopefully the Dogwatch run???  Or maybe I'll drag the kids with me to the track, and have them heckle me as I shuffle and suffer around the oval a few times...

Wednesday, 7-2 - 0 Miles - Did a ton of stuff with the kids, swam in the pool and called it a day.  Hot as Hades...

Thursday, 7-3 - 3 Miles (Beach!) - HHH Beach day, barefoot high tide run.  When Mike B. starts bitching about the heat, you know it's hot out.  Got a few miles in on soft sand and in shorebreak, then splashed around in the surf, which will be building due to the impending near-miss from the first hurricane of the year.  Might be surfing tomorrow, or what the Hell, trail running in the pouring rain!  Low mileage now means some sort of weekend epicness, long run in Pachaug, Arcadia or ???

Friday, 7-4 - 4 Miles (Road/Trail) - Hurricane Arthur rainy run.  Happy Independence Day!  I love running in the rain, so I was itching to get out onto some muddy trails.  Time constraints led to a local run up the street to Pachaug, and I had a blast tromping through deep mud and monster puddles.  Good, wet Summertime run!

Saturday, 7-5 - 6? (Road/Beach/Trail) - Potpourri of runs.  Started with a dog jog on trails and some roads.  The highlight?  The dog and I ran through the woods, on a breezy post-hurricane rain event, with nary a cloud in the sky.  There were no spider webs at all, until there was ONE.  THE BIG ONE.  The only web I hit, and it was huge, wrapped around my whole freakin' head, and didn't let go until well after I'd slapped the shit outta myself, scared the dog, and made a fool of myself with nobody else to witness (If a tree falls in the forest...).  I got the last of it off at the house.  Evil bastards...

Round 2?  Beach run, where I met the Gazelle and G.Jr., and ran with them for a while, high tide and decent pace, 2.5 miles for me, and a good second effort for the day.

3? - I get a message from the wife that she's hit a rock and blown out both passenger side tires, a bit over a mile from the house.  She calls AAA, and I relieve her and wait for the tow.  The tow guy sees that my wife's car is a VW and asks why I didn't have it taken to Colburn...small world!  I give him the key, he offers me a ride and I tell him I'm all set, the house is 1 1/2 miles away and I'll just run home, to which I got the usual responses...oddly, in street clothes and boat shoes, I kept a pretty peppy pace back to the house!  Now it's UFC and a long-ish run in the morning.  New trails to explore!

Sunday, 7-6 - 3.6 Miles (Trails) - Green Falls trails/dirt service roads with Jim.  I mapped out a loop at Green Falls that started below the dam, and depending on how Jim was feeling, could be expanded or collapsed based on the miles he was up for.  Pretty cool to understand where all those unmarked roads and trails lead.  Even with a healthy dose of Deep Woods OFF! sprayed on, though, the deerflies were relentless for most of the run.  Jim tapped out at 4-ish miles...I was thinking about another run, be we ended up at the beach with the rest of southern New England, perfect day for it!

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  1. Thanks for the props! It was a good weekend for all! Congrats on your near PR!