Monday, August 11, 2014

Love the Run!

Again, no scheduled races, and I'm cool with that.  I'm at 18 races done for the year, and the "big ones" haven't even come into play yet.  So why not take a few weeks off of races, and just run...Seth shut it down for two weeks, and I applaud his willpower, but he'll come out of it like Jonny on speed, I suspect...I took four days off last week and was climbing the walls.  I, however, have no particular rhyme or reason right now for what the Hell I'm doing.  My marathon training is just to "wing it," as I always end up doing, as Sunday's 20-miler is proof of.  Oddly, I wasn't at all sore today!  So now the goal is to just run happy, and often, and bank the mileage that gets me where I need to be for the Fall.  And speedwork.  Have to fit that in...ha!

Monday, 8-11 - 4+ Miles (Trail) - Green Falls loop, and a dog jog! - Hit GF this afternoon, and cruised up to the dam, easy run around the lake with a Nehantic trail extension, and gave it a good effort from the dam back to the truck.  2.8 rocky, rooty miles.  Got home and took the dog out, who wants to run, and loves the trails, so it was the Preserve across the street.  I ate web upon web, and had to scrub them off in the shower later, but we had fun, Henry and I!!!

Tuesday, 8-12 - 0 Miles.

Wednesday, 8-13 - 1 hour weight training/stretching, and I got challenged to that ALS ice bucket to follow...


Thursday, 8-14 - 3 Miles (Trail) - Hike with the kids and dog at Green Falls.  The kids suggested this one!  I happily obliged, and we parked below the dam and hiked to the waterfall.  We continued around the lake loop, and back down the gorge, and the kids loved it.  My daughter said it looked like something out of the Hobbit.  Works for me :)

Light through the trees

Soph digging the trail

Me, Soph and the dogg :)

Friday, 8-15 - 4 Miles (Trail/Road) - Uphill/Downhill run from the house.  All uphill the first two miles, all downhill the last two.  Needless to say, I had negative splits!  I also shaved a minute off my "126 to 130" segment, which was pretty cool...

Saturday, 8-16 - 5 Miles (Trail) - Chatfield Hollow recon run with Faith and Joe.  Well, they changed the course already in the three weeks since I scoped it out, so I went with backup to check it out.  Hilly and technical.  I think I can pull off the 50K in 6 hours?

Anyway, couple of things:  I had a blast, but the RDs better flag the living shit outta the course (yup, I said it again), because even with a map, we got off schedule about 50 times.  It's an awesome course, super technical ups and downs, but the blazes need to be updated though, for reals.  I'm pretty adept at following a map, reading trails and keeping on track, but's fun to get lost sometimes but not all the time.  I better not get lost during this race even a little bit.  I'm sending a message to the race directors, letting them know that there's plenty of time to get this right...great run with friends though!

Sunday, 8-17 - 3-ish Miles (Trail Hike) - Hike with the wife, kids and dog at Green Falls.  I've had a low mileage week, but lots of fun with friends and the kids.  Lori heard all about Green Falls from the kids, and really wanted to see it, so we went out and did the same loop I'd done earlier in the week.  Great day!


  1. I get wanted to take a few days off. I am at my wits end now with the last few days before the Rhode Warrior. I am going to be so happy when it's done and I can just run because I want to. Not sure I will keep up with the bike and swim. I am a runner, and that is what makes me happy.

  2. I'll be out on the course, cheering you on!!!